How Does
Phone.Do Work?

Phone.Do streamlines customer call handling through a blend of technology and in-person service by providing a simple, yet dynamic and feature-rich SaaS (Software As a Service) solution.

Immediate Phone Number Setup – A simple setup procedure guides you through a few simple steps. Phone.Do enables businesses to instantly establish a contact number that can function as a direct line, a call-forwarding extension or a chat/messaging destination.

Seamless Rep Preparedness and Pre-Training as Needed – Reps are thoroughly equipped with tailor-made scripts, greeting messages, and comprehensive questionnaires, ensuring well-prepared handling of each call.

Additionally, for intricate interactions or specific business requirements, Phone.Do conducts pre-training for reps to familiarize them with your proprietary applications and data. This proactive approach ensures that they are fully prepared to provide the best possible service to your customers right from the start.

Phone.Do provides an AppGate (Application Gateway) that reps can use during calls. For instance, a rep handling calls for an airline can view the customer’s bookings and provide various services required by the customer during the call.

Advanced Integration – The platform also provides various integration options with a business’s existing systems to enhance call handling, operational functionality and information sharing.

For instance, integration with the customer’s CRM system will have all engagement data, as well as recordings, updated on the CRM.

On-the-Fly Optimal Customer/Rep Matching – Phone.Do then skillfully matches incoming calls with the most suitable reps based on your business’s specific criteria, such as language proficiency, expertise, and even nuanced requirements.

For outbound call campaigns or callbacks, Phone.Do orchestrates and guides the most suitable reps through the calls they need to make on behalf of your business.

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