& Benefits

Anytime. Anywhere. Adjustable Sizing.

Disrupting the customer engagement industry, Phone.Do changes the way businesses, of all sizes, provide services to their customers 
by enabling distributed, gig-economy trained human agents.

Easy Setup

  • Easy Contact Center Setup – Designed for quick and hassle-free configuration, enabling businesses to launch their contact center with live representatives (reps) within minutes.
  • Intelligent Dynamic Wizard Generator – Guides you through defining a call script for reps to follow while interacting with callers. You can create either a straightforward list of questions for the rep to ask the caller one after another or a conditional decision tree of questions that dynamically presents different questions according to the previous answers.
  • Dedicated Phone Number and Call Forwarding – Phone.Do provides a dedicated phone number for customer calls and offers the ability to forward existing business calls to this number for streamlined service according to your scheduling requirements.
  • Rich Variety of Ready-made Contact Center Features – Choose from a wide array of pre-built contact center functionalities tailored to your unique business requirements and preferences, or define your own.

During a Call

  • Global Network of Reps – Phone.Do provides access to a diverse pool of reps worldwide, proficient in multiple languages and specializing in various industries.
  • Customizable Call Handling – Create intricate conditional call flows, scripts, and greetings for consistent, brand-aligned customer interactions.
  • Effortless Call Escalation – Easy options for reps to escalate calls to specific business staff, maintaining a seamless customer service experience.


  • Pay-Per-Minute Model – Phone.Do’s cost-efficient approach means you only pay for actual work time, saving on facilities, space, and the overheads associated with full-time human reps.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Experience.

  • Guaranteed Call Response – Phone.Do ensures that every customer call is answered, regardless of volume peaks. This reliability in addressing customer inquiries contributes significantly to improved customer satisfaction and experience metrics (CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)/CX (Customer Experience)).
  • AI-Enhanced Call Scripts – Leveraging generative AI, Phone.Do offers dynamically evolving call scripts that learn and improve from each interaction, ensuring efficient communication and heightened customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous Improvement Loop – Performance monitoring and closed feedback loops ensure that call scripts and rep responses are constantly refined, elevating customer satisfaction and experience.

Reduced Operational Complexity.

  • No Recruitment Hassles – With Phone.Do, the complexities of recruiting, training, and retaining reps are removed, letting you focus on your core business and avoiding the ever-growing challenges of human resources.
  • Flexible Representative Availability – The platform adeptly adjusts staffing levels, providing representatives on-demand to flexibly meet your needs, whether scaling up or down. This adaptability ensures customers are not left waiting.

AI-based Insights and Performance Monitoring.

  • Intelligent Representative Assistance – AI technology amplifies representatives during calls and other channel engagements by providing them with efficient response scripts, enhancing the quality of customer interactions to ensure CX and engagement closure.
  • Actionable Business Insights – AI technology analyzes customer interactions, providing crucial insights such as pinpointing top-selling products or flagging items receiving a high volume of complaints, enabling you to make informed business decisions.
  • Performance Monitoring – AI-based monitoring systematically scores each representative’s performance, ensuring consistent quality in customer interactions and identifying areas for improvement or training.
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